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Yuquan Hotel Wuhan

Yuquan Hotel Wuhan is located in Zhongnan Road, the most prosperous business district in Wuhan, with Hubei provincial government and Hongshan Square in the East; The west is Zhongshang century department store; Looking north at Zhongnan Commercial Building. The hotel is only 5 minutes' drive away from the Yellow Crane Tower and East Lake scenic area, so the traffic is very convenient.
It has 16 floors of main building, with a construction area of more than 8000 square meters. It has all kinds of guest rooms. It is a comprehensive hotel integrating guest rooms, sauna, conference, chess and card. The design of the hotel breaks through the limitation of star standard, and the concept is fashionable and avant-garde. It is a warm residence for guests on the way to travel.

Breakfast price: Breakfast is not provided.


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Yuquan Hotel Wuhan
Tel: +86-27-50704188
Add.: 80 Zhongnan Road (near exit a of Zhongnan road of Metro Line 2), near Wuluo road